108 fines for online shooting of medical materials in violation of the law
February 2, 2018, 5:50 am

China Times【Feng Huiyi/Taichung Report】

Sell everything online, but be careful of violating the "Pharmaceutical Affairs Law." In 106, the Taichung City Health Bureau investigated and handled as many as 231 cases of illegal drug or medical equipment sales on the Internet, of which 108 were illegally sold by unlicensed drug dealers. If found, at least 30,000 yuan was fined, and a fine of 3.2 million yuan was issued last year!

Common items in daily life, such as glutathione, OK bandage, and scar removal gel, cannot be sold on the Internet without a pharmacy license. Tsai Wenzhe, secretary of the Taichung City Food Safety Department, pointed out that in the investigation of illegal drug or medical equipment sales cases on the Internet last year, unlicensed drug dealers had the most illegal sales. Of the 108 cases punished, most were housewives or college students. , Korean purchasing agent.

If I didn’t make any money, I would pay 30,000 yuan first.

Cai Wenzhe said that these housewives and college students sold Japan's best-selling drugs such as synetamine, small flower syrup, cartoon OK stretch and Wakamoto tablets, and sold them on the PO network. Some women who had a caesarean section bought the scar gel recommended by the clinic. I couldn't finish using it and wanted to exchange cash for online auctions, but I was caught.

Cai Wenzhe said that according to the "Pharmaceutical Affairs Law", all medicines cannot be sold online, such as Helitamine, small flower syrup, and Thai sore pain ointment, etc., all count as medicines; as for medical equipment, only some medical supplies are currently open to be sold online. Sales, mainly low-risk first-level medical equipment, open medical equipment and drug dealers with physical access to business premises, and apply for approval to the Health Bureau before they can be sold online.

Surgical masks are also prohibited

If people use the Internet, medical equipment that is not used by sellers, including common thermometers, surgical masks, blood pressure monitors, etc., are also involved in violation of Article 27 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, with a penalty of more than 30,000 yuan, Fines below 2 million yuan.

Regarding consumers, Cai Wenzhe also reminded that medicines and medical equipment should be bought at the pharmacy after consultation by a pharmacist or medical professional. You can understand the usage, efficacy and indications, which are more secure; and "check carefully before purchasing the product." Specify whether it is a medical device, and confirm whether the outer packaging contains the medical device license name and product name, usage and dosage, and other information.















一般的醫用口罩基本上不可以防PM2.5. PM2.5口罩需要"同時"通過7項檢測才能有效防PM2.5

  檢測1: 粒狀物防護效果(密合度)醫用口罩的密度度較差有可能無法達到標準、

  檢測2: 過濾效率(油測及鹽物測)

  檢測3: 呼吸阻抗值(代表吸吸的舒適度)

  檢測4: 口罩耳帶與口罩本體連接處斷裂強度(大部份醫用口罩耳帶強度不夠)

  檢測5: 衍生特定香胺之偶氮色料檢驗(108年消保處抽查市面PM2.5口罩就發現有2款偶氮色料超標恐致癌)

  檢測6: 游離甲醛含量,檢萴7: PH


台灣在106627日製定公佈防霾(PM2.5)口罩性能指標及試驗方法CNS15980:2017 Z3039
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